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Health and fitness magazines, books, and websites portray chiseled athletic models, extreme diets, and Spartan fitness plans. Few of us will ever look like a fitness cover model. So, is it realistic?

We all know folks that lost weight, got buff, and reached their fitness goals, but how many of these people were able to successfully maintain that level of fitness?

Bubba Ain’t on a Diet is a place dedicated to real people that want to be healthy by sensibly eating real food, and doing real exercise. It is also a community dedicated to people who want to have fun and feel great.



I am Bubba and this is my website. This website is my story. A story of a big fella that has struggled with being overweight most of his life. A story about a guy that has been on a diet, lost the weight of a small horse, and then gained it all back plus more.

Guy with carrot.

The Wake Up Call

I woke up on New Year’s Day 2002 with a  pain in my chest. Twenty-four hours later the pain was still there. I was scared to death. I called and got an immediate appointment with my regular physician. She checked me out and ruled out a heart attack. She gave me a cocktail of sodium bicarbonate, and a few minutes later I was belching loud enough to make most other bubbas jealous. The doctor gave me a come to Jesus lecture.

“This is your wake up call! You have got to lose this weight.”

She preached to me about being 353 lbs. and having high blood pressure. She foretold a future of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and a premature appointment with my maker.

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